Bye Bye Middle School!

Overview of Moran
Oh middle school, those years were very interesting. I remember all of my year’s sixth grade, seventh grade, and eighth grade.
I was in Cook Hill elementary school, in fifth grade, and I was so excited to be going to Moran. I went from being to the top of the school to straight down to the bottom of Moran. I had team 6-2 with Mrs. Bohlman and Mrs. Werle. My scariest moment in sixth grade was when I got in trouble; I was so scared of getting a detention.
In seventh grade, I was on team 7-1, with Mr.Nuzzo, Mrs. Peeler, Mrs. Dooley, and Mr. Austin. This was one of my best years at Moran. I loved this team, and all my friends were on it! This year sadly flew by me like a flash. My happiest moment in seventh grade was when I got a social studies award.
In eighth grade, I was on team 8-2, with Mrs. DeLeon, Mr. Scursso, Mr. Nagel, and Mr. Bogush. This year was a good year; it got me one step closer to another world, High school! One thing that changed the way I think was Mr. Bogush’s class, with all of our blogging. Mr. Bogush’s class helped me face my fear, speaking in front of an audience. My funniest moment was probably every day with Emily Gibson, Just because we always have so many inside jokes together.
After all of these years at Moran, I’m finally off to high school!

My speech on the Swine Flu

Swine Flu Speech

I believe we should all be very precautious for the swine flu. We should start by washing our hands more frequently, and taking one of the four anti viral drugs. The swine flu outbreak in 1918 infected more than 1/3 of the World’s population. So we know how serious this flu can be, and we should all act upon it. Yesterday afternoon there were only 40 laboratory cases confirmed in the United States, and now there are 64 confirmed cases. As we can see this flu is highly contagious by person to person. If proper precautions are taken, this epidemic will be stopped.

A ?

Do you think the United States government should become more or less “democratic?”

I think the United States should become more democratic. I think this because everyone deserves to state their opinion, and they have their reasons to vote on the subject. If you don’t allow them to, they the United States is not equal.

Who Should Vote?

What should the qualification be to vote in a Presidential Election?

I think that everyone should vote (16 and up) , because we need to treat everyone with equality. No one should be left behind, and we need to hear every one’s opinions. Kids 16 and up should be able to vote, because they are the future.

The essay contest

This year I will be participating in the annual 8Th grade essay contest!! I have been writing, writing, and writing. I am so excited to be sharing this essay with my peers, and I hope they enjoy it. I will be writing about My mom, who has optic neuropathy, and how she changed my life. wish me luck =)